stop Safari from disabling out of date Flash

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Hello Nation,
I'm extremely frustrated with the new out date flash detection in Safari. We have a proxy to defend our clients from flash based attacks. I don't need father Apple telling me which plugins are acceptable and which ones are not. Does anyone know how to disable this annoying feature in Safari?



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I think you are referring to xProtect. There are some threads here on how to manage that technology.

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I have a post on how to manage XProtect with regards to Adobe Flash plug-ins:

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Take a look at the latest update to Safari 6.0.4 for ML and Safari 5.1.9 for SL. It has some new options on how to Manage Java and Allow Internet Plug-ins. I was told by my Apple Rep this will allow to manage around Xprotect.

In Safari->Preferences->Security-> Under Internet plug-ins
Checkbox for Allow Java and Manage Website Settings
Checkbox Allow all other plug-ins

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Thanks for pointing that out, Jedberg - that addresses an issue we have here with accessing one of our critical in-house applications.