Suggest Me Some Secondary Vertical Monitors.

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Hello Everyone! I am going to purchase Vertical Monitors for Personal Usage. Unless there is a reason too I'm not going to spend a lot of money on one. Any things I should consider, like?
How important is resolution as a vertical monitor?
What about size? (16:9 better than ... etc)
Suggestions appreciated.
In advance, thanks for the help.



hey Jessica - Possibly best posting elsewhere on a more appropriate forum specific to Mac hardware, rather than on JAMF, as you will likely get a better response there. eg. MacRumours forums

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Choosing Vertical Monitor is really helpful for you if you dont do gaming a lot.

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While that's a good suggestion (MacRumors) I can attest that I've been purchasing a number of Dell 24" and 27" monitors for some time. I like their IPS displays and a lot of them rotate. Recently, I bought a number of their P2719H monitors. We've been pretty happy with them. Most users didn't have specific needs, so I got something flexible.