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In my environment, we use Jamf connect and user ID is the user account created as UID 501 by default, no other local account creates here, my question is how SUPER can install pending Apple updates on Apple Silicon mac devices with existing local user account? I dont want to create a service account or Jamf API account.


How can I take the decision for script parameter to set in my policy, for what parameter what string I need to put there? All these are very confusing. Please help me on this.

What does --reset-super parameter do? I did set under script parameter 6, every time I ran the super policy on my test mac it still saying n number of deferral remaining decreasing by 1, whereas I was expecting that it should reset and show me as N number is remaining which I did set in my config profile a deferral count.


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Better to ask on the Super channel in the MacAdmins Slack.

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Will second on the comment regarding the MacAdmins Slack where theres a dedicated channel for the SUPERMAN script.
But all of your questions are answered on the GitHub wiki:

How does super update w/o API or service account: See User Authentication MDM Failover --

Script Parameters: See Jamf Pro Deployment -- 
One thing I would note is that script parameters are not necessary in every situation, and instead you may be able to simply deploy a configuration profile with all of the keys that you need. There is no one right answer - as it depends on what exactly you want to configure for your environment.

--reset-super parameters: See Reset Local Super Settings -- 
It does not touch deferrals when you reset. There is a specific --delete-deferrals parameter that should be used if you want a full reset.

All in all, it is best to review the full wiki, and jump into the slack channel after doing more testing.

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I ran the policy with a config profile having default defer time 3 Hrs, I got the popup and I clicked on Defer button and later after 3 Hrs I got the popup again, but for second time getting the popup I restarted my mac but then after 3 Hrs I did not get any such popup again. Is it normal? If this normal then how can we proceed on for production, because user they can restart the mac any time or shutdown the mac.