Suppress SketchUp Pro 2017 Extension Manager Updates

New Contributor

I work in k-12 education and I'm deploying SketchUp Pro 2017 to our secondary schools. In 2015 Extensions were managed in preferences but the newer versions have a new extension manager tool. While this is probably a great addition it's not ideal in student labs as kids are easily distracted and/or use it as an excuse to go off task.

In the past I've been able to suppress updates, EULA, Startup Tips, etc by editing the com.sketchup.plist file and FUT/FEU'ing it. But 2017 has now made the extensions part more nuanced. When launched I get the attached notification and I've yet to find a way (if such a way exists) to suppress the notifications of updates for extensions.

I'm just curious to see if anyone has run into this - and what they have done to remedy it, if anything.deeaea3b8377467c9ac5757c64f7ed66