Suppress Start Using iCloud (Yellow Triangle tag)


Has anyone figured out a way to suppress the yellow triangle tag that requests that the end-user starts using iCloud?

I am able to hide the red badges on System Preferences and Apple ID within System Preferences. But I cannot find a way to hide the yellow triangle. We do not want end-users to log in to iCloud to sync data if they do not use iCloud.

The yellow triangle can be seen as an error and create help desk tickets which I am trying to avoid.



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Open tickets with Apple Enterprise Support, file Feedback tickets, complain to your SE, pester anyone and everyone at Apple you have contact with. It's absolutely ridiculous they give enterprise no way to fully disable iCloud since AppleIDs are kind of required for some things it seems. Even if a user signs into iCloud and every option is configured with a config profile, there's iCloud things that are not manageable by enterprise.


Im actually looking for the ability to suppress the same notification but on iPads.

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@msnowdon How does the notification for iCloud look on the iPads? All our users on iPads are using ASM accounts. In the past week’s users are reporting they get prompted to login to their iCloud account. (we see it more on devices after a iOS update) The user has to deny it couple of times for it to go away. We have iCloud features disable on our JAMF School.

I wanted to know if you are experiencing the same issues. If it’s the same thing related to OP but on iPads.