Synology File Share Distribution Points with http?


Has any one tried setting up a Synology as a JAMF Pro File Share Distribution Point with http support?


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Yes, I can check but think I just setup apache to share root of packages folder on dp

I actually love Synology, I have 5 synologys as HTTP DP at 5 separate locations, but only upload packages with jamf admin to 1 (the master) then have they Synology folder rsync replicate that jamf dp folder to all the others automagically - saves me so much time.

This would be helpful to know, I'm guessing it's something like

sudo ln -s /path/to/CasperShare /var/www/CasperShare


No issues with timeouts ? or defaults values that had to be changed?  

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Nothing even that fancy, just used WebStation in Synology , virtual host, i used 8080, and pointed document root to i just checked top level sharepoint of my AFP DP folder which containts the root folers Casper Data, Packages, Scripts. and in jamf for the DP HTTP just added port 8080, no other info and , no defaults or timeouts issues and http(s) is so great as it resumes downloads