taking over a Jamf Pro system with zero prior experience

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Hello all! I recently took a position that is a Hybrid A/V and IT job. Part of this position has me solely manage a cloud based Jamf Pro instance. We have about 50 odd Mac's and a dozen or so iPads being managed. I personally have zero experience with Jamf pro and no scripting experience. I would like some advice on how to quickly get started on the scope, capabilities, and limitations that I have with managing my environment and how to best get going with training. I have already started the official Jamf training, but it will take me a bit of time to properly go through it all( I fully intend to complete).
My only other experience is some management in an AD environment that used roaming profiles, and some experience in an older on-prem instance of Jamf.


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Start with the jamf 100 online training: 

Jamf 100 Course | Jamf Education | Jamf


Then go to Jamf Online Training Catalog and start with some of the beginning videos. That will give you a good start.


Jamf has plenty of training. Be sure you're starting with the Jamf 100 as @Tribruin mentioned. That's an online introductory course. If you're interested in more, then you can opt for the training classes, which are instructor-led but online.


Be sure your Jamf Nation account has been added to your organization's account with Jamf. It will give you access to smaller online training video courses for free.


Finally, being able to ask questions is important. If you haven't already signed up for the MacAdmins Slack community, you should do so. It has topics that cover not just Jamf but all areas of managing Apple devices. You can join and participate for free.


Those three resources together should keep you quite busy learning.

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You'll do just fine. Don't sweat the scripting and your AD experience will come in handy. Soon enough you'll be amazed at the things you can do with just Jamf Pro. 

Are the Macs and iPads all DEP/ADE registered to your org when you buy them, or are they registered later - that would be my first question, as you start learning how the whole thing fits together, what rules are applied to the devices and computers.