Target Mode Imaging with USB-C to Thunderbolt 2 Adapter

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Has anyone tried or had success with target mode imaging with USB-C to Thunderbolt? I am just trying today for the first time and it is very slow. The CasperShare is on the MacBook Pro that I am using to image a MacBook Air.

Our School District has restored to Target Mode imaging for the MacBook Airs. It has been fairly quick and efficient setting, with the new MacBook Pro, not so much, now I may require a new strategy.

NBI works fine with iMacs, but we have had consistently slow response times with the Airs via the Thunderbolt and USB ethernet adapters.


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It doesn't sound like this is applicable in your situation, but it is still useful information to remember. I used a USB-C to Thunderbolt adapter to put a new MacBook Pro into Target mode, but I discovered that the adapter needs to be plugged into the ports on the left side in order for the other Mac to see it mount on the desktop as a drive. Plugged into the USB-C ports on the right side do nothing as far as Target mode is concerned.

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Worked fine for us. Have done this multiple times and from any port on our Macbook Pro with success everytime.