The pursuit of a Mac Engineering role.

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Hello all, This is my first posting in Jamf nation so please forgive any lack of format or policies that I might have missed. I'm currently working in a System Administration role, I support Mac devices 90% of the time in this position, which also involves a lot of project management and fortunately collaboration with engineering and infrastructure. I'm pursuing a career in Mac Engineering and would like some input regarding the best certifications, experience, and knowledge to have that would be beneficial towards acquiring an Engineering position and maintaining it. I'm currently studying BASH, Shell scripting, and Jamf. I know my way around Jamf but figure I would have more recognition with Jamf certs. Thank you in advance for your input.


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Jamf 400 opened a ton of doors for me. Helped a lot to know Bash going into the course (but I don't have any kind of Bash certification). At this point I probably wouldn't even try to learn Bash because macOS is moving away from it, try to learn Zsh (there's a ton of overlap, though, so existing Bash knowledge will help with Zsh).