Thoughts on jamf connect?

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Hello Everyone,

I looked at NoMAD prior to the acquisition by jamf and thought it was not ready for primetime in an enterprise environment. Wondering if anyone has any experience using this with 1k plus users?

Also, we are primarily mac with some pc and Linux devices, if you went with this product, what if anything are you using for device auth on Windows? We have no AD and currently use a cloud-based LDAP provider - Jumpcloud to control Device and user passwords.

Thanks in advance!




No experience with NoMAD/Jamf Connect but at a previous employer we did use Apple Enterprise Connect and it saved a lot of headache when users needed to change their passwords provided it was logged in and pointed to the right server.

I would hope JC is just as smooth if not more so.

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NoMad & NoMad Login have been a lifesaver. Much better than binding macs. Very easy to use & Implement. Do recommend.

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I think the NDA on Catalina stops people saying too much at the moment, but bits of EC might be partly built in....probably :)

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Hi, we are 1k macs here. We use NoMad and in some cases NoMad Login. it works perfectly! You need to use Jamf Connect if you want to authenticate to Jump Cloud