Thousand Eyes - not registering

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Firstly, apologies if this is the wrong place to ask this question. I am a recently new admin to macOS and using JAMF (6mos now). We are being tasked with deploying ThousandEyes to our mac environment and I am having some challenges getting the package to deploy and register itself properly. 


Manually installing the TE agent and using our company registration file works flawlessly. I can run a sudo "/Applications/ThousandEyes Endpoint" --applyconfig "/Applications/ThousandEyes Endpoint" after running the .pkg and the agent shows up in our TE console within just a few minutes. However, all my attempts to add it to jamf and deploy the package are just outright failing. 

I've followed through this TE Thread with no luck. 


add .pkg directly to jamf, run script after to load the 'installation-config' - failed

using composer repackaged the .pkg with the 'installation-config' and added post install script in composer - failed

installed TE, then opened composer, added .app for TE as source, added 'installation-config', added post install script - failed

add .pkg directly to jamf and install it. then add the 'installation-config' to jamf as a package and try just running that by itself - failed.

All the above work in composer I did modify the permissions for the 'installation-config' file to match everything else there. 


I've been doing IT work and administration from NT4 to Win11 and various flavors of servers and virtualized environments for 25 some years now and this macOS stuff has me way out of my element and struggling more than I have in ages. There's a saying 'be comfortable being uncomfortable' that fits this situation but man... I'm hoping someone here has had some additional experience with this particular application and the issues it presents. The support documentation on the TE website is woefully unhelpful in pretty much every circumstance. 


Thanks in advance! 




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Did you attempt the install method outlined: TE Thread 

Apple's Gatekeeper is pretty particular about app modifications.  It's usually best to not add/modify files inside the .app applications but instead call on config files in a tmp or special folder.

Are you seeing any errors in the Policy log?

Also you can ofter check the log on the computer you are trying to save by checking /var/log/install.log to better help you debug.

My daily go to for following install progress/errors is:

tail -f /var/log/install.log


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I with you Kevin. Did you ever get this to work? 

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My apologies for lapsing and not responding here! I did get the issue fixed and have it confirmed with our TE back end that the deployments function now. As with all things it seems I just needed to take a step back and have a think about what I was doing and a solution came to me. 

The 2nd half of the TE Thread post I linked above did work except for the registration for some reason. I never could get that part to work so I did a cludge that is kind of odd but works. I threw together an EA to check for the existence of the registration file and then based off that smart group I have a policy that runs the registration. 

What is the old saying in programming, if it works it isn't dumb? Something along those lines. I have TE deploying and registering properly now so at least it works :D


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So you used the script that "Jimmy Swings" added in that thread instead of the composer route?