TIL: Sort static group by "checked"

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So, was on a call with coworkers, and was modifying a static group. and lamenting how annoying it was to search through the list to find members (if you edit the group). 

Coworker is like "I think you can, click where the thing should be". I click in the blank space, and low and behold, stuff sorts to the top! 

So, thought I would share with everyone! The amount of time I've lost in my life... lol. 





Certainly if you have a very lot of members, this is pain in the a.... editing static groups. We currently go through this....


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we use API for any of the larger ones, but really, we avoid static's like the plague. it's easier to just create an EA and smart-group it. Or just a smart group off the data already there. But, just thought I'd share the hidden sort in case anyone else has been wasting their life trying to manage a static group with 10 members out of 3000 computers. lol

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I can count on one hand that's missing a few fingers the number of Static Computer Groups I have, exactly because of how tedious they are to make and edit. Though I do admit I wasn't aware of the trick mentioned here, so thanks for pointing it out @rstasel ! It'll certainly save me some time, whenever I venture into a static group every couple of years or so. 🙂

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Yup. Generally if you're dealing with static groups, you likely are doing it wrong or have a VERY specific need. I used to use for doing OS upgrades where I would API add computer to group to exclude from restricted software (an "unlock upgrade" policy). But after finding how to do whole thing via a policy, why bother. 😃