Time based application restrictions

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I just noticed in the implemented feature requests for 9.5 there is a request for Timed App Blockage here https://jamfnation.jamfsoftware.com/featureRequest.html?id=1

It says partially implemented so I checked the release notes and didn't find any more information.

I'm sure it would be very interesting to many school casper admins, including those in this post:

Is there anywhere I can find more information about the implementation of this feature?


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I too am curious how this works? I've updated to 9.5, but cannot see how it has been partially implemented. Am I missing something?

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I believe it works this way:

Under your Policies you can now search for files or processes (bottom option). Just set it to search for the process you want to block and select "Kill process if found." Set the policy to run ongoing with your recurring checkin but add a client-side limitation to only run between certain times. Also, make it available offline:)

The only problem I see is that it only runs at the set interval..it's not a continuous run like the Restricted software settings.