Time spent using Jamf? How many people do you have?

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I am currently not a Jamf user, but I am in the process of reviewing it for my program. I was curious how much time is spent on using the Jamf Software? My job description is Technology Coordinator, but I am not IT. I was wondering if it is possible to add managing the Apple Devices in my program, in addition to my current responsibilities? So basically, how much of your day is spent actually managing your devices using Jamf? I would be managing about 2,000 Macs and 300 iPads over about 10 schools.



It's a reverse logarithmic time investment. You will spend a LOT of time prior to rolling management out to all your devices learning the ins-and-outs of JAMF, learning how to build policies, building smart groups, testing how policies affect machines, etc.

But, once you get that down, the day-to-day maintenance of all the Apple devices in your organization goes way down as you can solve a lot of issues before they arise, and can help users solve even more of them themselves through Self Service policies.