TimeZone and SelfService Time Correction

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TimeZone is an issue. During enrolment location services are enabled. System services are allowed to use Location services. Set time zone automatically using current location is enabled.
I get the "current location" right (in Finland), still Macs timezone is Pacific and Closest city is Cupertino CA.
How come I am not getting the right zone after enrolment and how to fix? Any ideas?

Then I have question if there is a way to correct time/date with a script or something like that in SelfService. If the Mac drains the battery the date/time can be reset to Jan 01 etc,,, so I was thinking that could I have selfservice app that users could run to correct the date and time. Home Internet etc... would not mind the wrong date/time, but corporate network do care about correct time or within tolerated timeframe, which is minutes, not months/years.... ;) I have tried sudo ntpdate -u time.apple.com, but that does not the trick for me.


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sudo ntpdate -u time.apple.com

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@hedenstam Search the forum. Someone put together a script that will poll the machine and set the time based off of Xprotect or Gatekeeper. I believe it was made for self-service. Another option would be a script that sets it at provisioning or could be made int a self service script.
we set the ntp.conf file as part of a setup/firstboot based on a discussion a few years back here

#set network time server with fail over to apple-us
sudo systemsetup -settimezone  YourCountry/City
sudo systemsetup -setusingnetworktime  off
/bin/cat > /etc/ntp.conf  <<  'New_NTP_CONF'
server ntp1.yourcompanyhere.com
server ntp2.yourcompanyhere.com
server time.asia/euro/apple.com
sudo systemsetup -setusingnetworktime  on