Timezone no longer being detected after security update.

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Greetings! We have a unique issue that has hit a few of our machines in the last week. Some of our users after applying some security updates are noticing that the time is off on the computer and many apps especially outlook are showing wrong times or that the computer is in the future etc. I had this happen to my own machine and traced it back to the Timezone DB somehow being messed up. For instance when running the command below

sudo systemsetup -listtimezones

It shows nothing as seen in the picture (pardon the typos).



Even when going into Date & Time this is an issue as well as it can't find the timezone. Sadly and due to some other time constraints I couldn't troubleshoot more on my own machine and ended up reloading it. We're hoping someone might have some thoughts or a solution on how to recreate the Timezone DB or copy a known good one to computers that have been impacted by this. In the meantime were advising users not to update computers until we can narrow down which one is causing it.