Too many Safari tabs open on iPad

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Hi All,

We use iPads with our TK-2nd grade students. We are coming across an issue where they have lots of Safari tabs open. A co-worker found one with over 100 tabs open. Is there a way to have these close after so many days? I know it can be done manually on each device but we have over 2000 devices out and that would be insane to try and take care of individually.




If where a shared iPads, why not use Apple shared iPads feture?

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This still requires someone to touch the iPads to get this done. Since we are talking about 4-6 year olds I don't think this is something we would want to do. Unless I'm missing something on how to set it up.

If you use Apple shared iPads any time a user login/logout. It will clean the safari.

You can use guest mode for easy use

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Did you find an answer to this?  We are 1-to-1 pk-3rd, and it would be great if we could set tabs to close after 1 day without touching each device.

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No, I never did figure this out. Using the shared iPads feature wasn't feasible since the students never logged into the device. 

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Hi, is there any update on this issue? I am getting the same question from my teachers.

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Adding on that this is an issue I have as well. One Pre-K iPad had over 300 tabs.