Toronto User Group.


Hey everyone near Toronto. Was considering starting a user group for us. Just trying to gauge how many people would be interested.

I’d be hosting in Toronto distillery district where I work. We have a top facility in Toronto and we keep getting featured in magazines

Anyway add your comment if you’d be interested in attending

I’m working with Jamf on content and such. Once I have everything sorted I’ll actuslly create it under user groups.


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I'm interested.

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hey @jimderlatka !

Figured i'd mention that macbrained_YYZ exists!

Speaking from experience, vancouver had a jug, we moved to just being called macadmins and then became macbrained, as jug was great but we were creating a niche space, where a good chunk of our attendance wasn't just jamf.

Perhaps reach out to @meg for more info!

They actively announce their events on twitter and in macadmins slack #toronto

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Interested! Located in Toronto too


So this would be a Jamf user group.

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Does Waterloo count as being near Toronto?

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Hey @jimderlatka

Come to the Macbrained_YYZ event on Feb 28th. You can make an announcement there to see if you can get people to come out to the meeting you are organizing. Also there are lot of MacAdmins discussing Jamf related stuff in the Slack group. I invited you to the #toronto channel since you are already in Slack group.

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Any further progress on this.  I am new to Jamf but would be interested.