Transferring Data to New iPads

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Hello Everyone, We are in the process of upgrading our teacher iPads to new iPad Pros and we are looking for advice on the best way to transfer all of their existing data to the new iPad. The current and new iPads are both Supervised with DEP and enrolled through Casper. In most cases the amount of data is well beyond what iCloud allows for free to be backed up. I'm sure most of the data is pictures/videos but a lot of them could be educational and while we can copy that data off by plugging it into a computer, there is no way to bring it back onto the device easily. It seems like this should be a process that Apple comes up with a solution for education, even if it were to allow schools to purchase the increased iCloud storage space for their teachers and students or better yet gave us a much larger allocation like Microsoft and Google. Thanks in advance.



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You can upgrade your iCloud account to 50GB for $0.99 and downgrade it back to free once you're finished transferring data.

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You could use iTunes to backup and restore back to the iPad. Not as simple as using iCloud, but it'll get the job done.

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I don't get the option to do a backup and restore if I plug in a Supervised iPad into iTunes. Just the prompt to do a new install or restore from a previous backup. Maybe I am missing a step.

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Use Apple Configurator 2 and create a blueprint that does a backup of the iPad to your local machine then plug the new iPad in and restore it from the backup you just made?