Transition to Jamf Now

New Contributor

Hi all,

I inherited a messy JAMF situation.   We are current on Jamf Now with a IT advisory firm, they no longer want us as customers since 1) the previous bills didn't get paid on time 2) we simply wasn't using their service, so they can't bill us for anything.  

I looked into it and think JAMF Now is actually what we need since we have less than < 10 ppl.  But, our push certificate has long expired, I tried to follow the documentation, but I keep running into issue saying signing certificate has expired.  I do have admin access to the JAMF Pro instance, but I am not sure what's missing on my end. I did try create JAMF ID, but I can't associate it with my JAMF Pro instance...

All I want is to unenroll the few laptops we have and start from fresh, but the IT firms want to charge $400 dollar to renew the push notification, which seems high. I also don't like the fact that my laptops are essentially being held hostage...

Open to any ideas.