Trusting Apps from a Developer IOS9

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We have an external company that has created an App for our students to use. The students can download the app from a web link which installs it on their iPads. Since IOS9, apple have changed the security around apps being downloaded outside the App store. The students are required to trust the App by going into settings > general > profiles > Enterprise App > Trust.

The app developers have sent us a Profile Certificate that we want to push out via JAMF so that the app is automatically trusted. The certificate is a .cer and seems to get deployed but it doesn't change the trust settings for the app.

Does anyone know if it's possible to do this or will we have to push the app out as an "in-house app".

I did find this:

iOS 9 introduces a new feature to help protect users from installing in-house apps from untrusted sources. While no new app signing or provisioning methods are required, the way your enterprise users manage in-house apps installed on their iOS 9 devices will change. In-house apps installed using an MDM solution are explicitly trusted and will no longer prompt the user to trust the developer that signed and provisioned the app. If your enterprise app does not use an MDM solution, users who install your app for the first time will be prompted to trust the developer. All users who install your app for the first time will need an internet connection.