TruU Install Getting Bluetooth Prompt

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Hello Everyone 

We are in the process of Getting TruU as an identity authorizer for our Mac fleet and are running a POC to get it tested.

During the package creation and the test deployment we saw quite a few pop-ups coming from the deployment and we were able to take care of most of them but since the application uses Bluetooth-based proximity for Auth its requesting permission for Bluetooth after the installation is done as shown below.

Is there any way for me to authorize this using a Script or PPPC etc....

Thank you for your reply


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I'm encountering the same issue with MS Teams. PPPC doesn't include setting Bluetooth as far as I see. Has anyone suggestions as how to fix this?

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Any luck with this? I am just looking for this now too

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No not really since Apple does not allow it and TruU support was not able to help automate the process due to lack of support from Apple to silently enable Blutooth