Trying to sync Azure LDAP Groups/ Users

New Contributor III


I hope you are doing well at this time. I'm configuring/ testing Azure LDAP services to Jamf Pro. It works but I have a few questions to receive some background information and to finalize the configuration.

1) I created a new Security Group on our Azure AD "called Jamf Pro Admins" with one Test-User for syncing later
2) After a few minutes, I can add this group to Jamf via System Setting -> Jamf Pro User Accounts & Groups -> add new LDAP Group with my custom permissions for that. Perfect, its added. 3) Now I'm a little bit confused. Should I add the Test-User manually like System Setting -> Jamf Pro User Accounts & Groups -> add new LDAP User or should it sync automatically? If I add the Test-User via new LDAP User, it's without any permissions because I've to configure it again. So, why I've to add to the group before?

I have understood, why I've to create also a Standard Group on Jamf with the Object ID but I don't know now how the Standard (with Object ID) group works together with my LDAP Group? How I can add an LDAP user to Jamf because I thought if I add LDAP Groups to Jamf, it's syncing and adds automatically.

Sorry, I hope it's clear what I'm trying to ask.