Tying Focus, Skyward, Active Directory together - is anyone doing this?

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We are trying to set up Focus for our teachers. The issue we are having right now is that our AD and SIS usernames/passwords are different. If anyone is successfully using Focus with a Skyward import, I would love to talk to you. Thanks!


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I want to do this but am just starting to look into the options. Our Skyward user credentials are also different than our AD (eventually I would like to get them tied to LDAP, but that might be quite a while yet before I have time). Have you come up with anything yet? I really don't even know where to start. If not, I will probably be reaching out to our Jamf technical account rep.

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Just starting to look at this now as uprising from our 1:1 deployment wants Classes in the JSS yesterday.. We are a Skyward SIS client. First looks at Skybuild I'm not seeing a simple way to create the export file. Did anyone have any luck with this so far?