UID Strangness and User Lockout

New Contributor III

I have a user that claims they used Jamf Connect to change their password on the 23rd of Feb. Azure and Jamf Pro computer application logs seem to corroborate this. 

They cannot log into the machine with their old or new password ( i haven't seen this first hand yet ).

Their UID in Jamf seems to be REALLY strange and I have not seen this type of behavior before


Screenshot 2022-03-09 132217.png 

I also have an extension attribute for checking if the password is synced. (it is a template extension attribute in Jamf Pro). The field for this attribute shows this:
File Doesn't Exist, Will Create: /Users/loaner/Library/Preferences/com.jamf.connect.state.plist
Does not exist

I haven't been able to get my hands on the device yet to troubleshoot, just wondering if anyone has seen this before and knows where I need to start.