Ultrawide Vs Dual Monitors for Work Productivity ?

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When we talk about more work efficiency then which is more recommended. ? An ultrawide monitor or a dual monitor? Which have you found to be most beneficial to your work environment and why?

If you had the option to switch to the other, would you?


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I have been a dual external monitor (plus laptop) person for many years but both Apple and Zoom appear to continually have more and more issues with dual monitors, especially on the new hardware where everything must be connected via dongle.

I primarily rock the laptop one as my mail client, the one external in landscape (primary monitor for most everything) and one external in portrait (Calendar, and multiple chats or for use working on writing long documentation pages). That way the that comes to me is always open on the sides but I can stair ahead and focus on primary things. Not sure if actually distracts me more or not but its what ive grown to like.

As for issues, sometimes waking from sleep it forgets which monitor is which so the two externals are both flipped 90 degrees. (I mostly fixed this by using two different dongles, one apple and one third party). Even assigning things to specific desktops doesnt always work. I purchased the app Stay a while ago which helps my computer remember where to put things on my multiple monitors but it doesn't solve the other issues. I also got the app Magnet to help size windows on a screen to better fit to different grids based on key strokes.

In the end it comes down to personal preferences and workflows.

Even though I have always liked the dual setup, due to regular issues I am actually changing my setup and I am currently waiting on a delivery on a new large single monitor with the hope that it will reduce my pain points.

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Ultrawide monitors are more productive monitors as compared to dual screen monitors setup. Ultrawide monitors have both practical and aesthetic advantages over the dual monitors and helps you a lot to overcome challenges. Here I found one reference article for you.

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At present, I am working with dual USB-C monitors linked to a MacBook Pro 13" Touch Bar. This setup works well, the only thing stopping going to a ultra-widescreen monitor is the ability to have a virtual split screen.

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For several Years - I have a 29" LG 29EA93-P Ultra Wide LED IPS with 2560x1080 Resolution at work and for the past few Months two DELL P2418D 24 Inch Full HD IPS with 1920 x 1080) Monitors at Home

I prefer my UltraWide over the two very thin bezel Monitors & will at some point exchange them when other Monitors in the Business go bad - I will use the DELLs as Replacement and get an updated 4k Version in Ultrawide.