Unable to create Adobe installation DMG in Disk Utility - Deploying Adobe

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Hi all,

I'm very new at this, and am trying to deploy Adobe using Modtitan's guide for packaging and deploying Adobe CC Apps with Casper. When I try to complete step 4, open Disk Utility. Go to File > New > Disk Image from Folder, I'm unable to select an Install pkg,92623597a10b4842a9413a9a311b7b39. I'm unsure of where to go from here, or why I can't select the package. Has anyone used this method, or do you suggest alternative methods?

I'm looking through past threads, and have used this guide:

I've tried using the Adobe Application Manager to build packages and then deploy them via a policy, but every try has failed: db1dfa6baddd41a485a5ad737c12f652


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Adobe Creative Cloud Packager creates bundle packages, which are folders.

Put the PKG into a folder, then make a DMG of the folder.


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What I do is I take the pkg that Adobe gives me and I compress it, just right click and choose compress. This is what I then upload into my jds and use with my policy. Works fine for me.

What Adobe gives you is a package but it is not a flat package, means you can right click and view contents. Jamf does not handle these anymore and so Casper Admin, if you are using it, will try and compress it but in my experience it will fail to compress and upload. Best to compress it yourself and upload.

Also, whenever I try to upload an installer of that size I fill the usable space in the JSS and crash it. Since we are cloud hosted that means I have to contact Jamf to clean out the temp folder on the server. Not sure how this works with jamfcloud storage. We have to side load those large files.

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We don't use the Jamf cloud and therefore I can use Creative Cloud Packager to create my packages, upload to the JSS, then create a policy to install in the labs. Easy. Peasy.

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Internally hosted Jamf Pro here too.

Disbersed cluster of RHEL DPs + rsync + Load Balancer + DMZ + Resumable Downloads = six nines, and we have our nights and weekends free.