Unable to decrypt encrypted profile - Configuration Profiles



We are having issues with Configuration Profiles. When we push out any configuration profile to machines, we often have this error "Unable to decrypt encrypted profile" when checking to see if it failed in the JSS. Usually if we use terminal and do either sudo jamf recon or sudo jamf manage commands it goes through, but it is not any more. We also just implemented more vLANs in our environment, but all of the other Casper functions like Remote, JSS Policies, Self Service, Managed Preferences, etc work normally. I checked the SSL and Tomcat tickets to make sure they were up to date and they are good. We are using Version 9.32. Any light on this would be great!



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I ended up editing the Azure firewall IP list to include new listing that they released on 11/13/23. Hope that helps. It had nothing to do with the clients themselves.

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We are still getting the "Unable to decrypt encrypted profile" across all profiles. Verified with network security that all new IP addresses have been added to the firewall.

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any resolution to this yet?


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I'm seeing this with newly created profiles on 11.6.1 hosted: "unable to decrypt encrypted profile."