Unable to deploy scripts created in webconsole

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I am having issues deploy scripts via jamf policy. I do have an open support case with Jamf but am posting it here in case anyone has come across the issue before.

Basically what is happening is that any script that is created in the web console fails when being deployed via policy 905ecb483fec47279f8904a67c20e7c5
with a generic "cannot be found" message. The exact same scripts uploaded via the jamf admin app work without a problem. This is happening for ALL scripts even something as simple as a recon.

Interestingly the working scripts uploaded via jamf admin app cannot be read in the web console, they show as blank. They also do not show as "stored in database" in the admin app.

I have two other servers with almost identical configuration that do not display this issue.

I'm assuming there is some sort of database access or fetch problem occuring on this server but am at a loss as to how to fix it.


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Some further info that I forgot to include.
JSS is installed on a windows 2016 server and MySQL 8

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Did you ever find out the solution?

We've always been creating the scripts as files and then uploaded them through JAMF Admin. A small change in a script showed us that if we were to create them in the Web console, we'd be able to make changes later more easily. But we are (I am) not able to distribute the script with a policy. It's not found on the distribution point and can't be replicated either, because the main distribution point doesn't have the file either. 

I'm wondering if this feature is only meant for Cloud services and not on-prem. 

Thanks for any tips that you can pass along.