Unable to renew jamf push notification certificate

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The MDM push notification certificate that we are using in jamf pro is already expired and while renewing the certificate,  we are able to download the signed CSR from jamf nation but while logging in from the apple id to get the certificate, it is not allowing me to log in and says your apple id or password was incorrect. 

The apple id that we have used for the certificate is in this format. abc+def@xy.com.  As per our understanding, it should have the same credentials as abc@xy.com (able to log in to this). Also, while trying to reset the password for abc+def@xy.com , it says "This Apple ID is either not valid or not supported"


Can someone help to resolve this ??



Is it MDM push or Push Proxy cert you will change?
you have to login to your Jamf ID, to get the CSR signed.

Hey Raxia,

It is MDM push notification cert. I have logged in from jamf id and got the CSR but the next steps are blocked due to apple id issues that I have explained.

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I don't think abc@xy.com and abc+def@xy.com for the purposes of an AppleID. (I have only seen this for email providers.) 

Is the AppleID you previously used to create the APNS Certificate a managed AppleID? If so, you can reset the password in ABM. However, if it NOT an MAID, you will need to try and reset that password. 

If you can't reset that password, reach out to Apple Enterprise Support and explain the issue. They can help you move the existing APNS certificate to a new AppleID. I believe there a grace period (30 Days?) after the certificate expires that it can be renew without having to re-enroll your devices.