Unable to switch off Hide500Users setting in com.apple.loginwindows.plist

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I'm having a strange issue on a lab iMac. I enrolled it with the wrong quickadd.pkg so a hidden jamf management account was created. This causes the Hide500Users setting to get enabled which also hides the Guest account icon from the login window. For a lab computer, that guest account is heavily utilized. So I did a sudo jamf -removeFramework, I removed the jamf account, deleted the Mac from the JSS, rebooted, but the Guest account is still hidden. Whenever I change Hide500Users to -bool NO, it gets changed back the moment I log out.

Anyone have any ideas as to what could be left over from the previous enrollment that could be forcing that setting still? There are no jamf related launchagents or deamons left over.

I know it's a very strange and random problem to have, but any thoughts would be greatly appreciated! I would rather to not have to reinstall the OS if I can avoid it.