Unable to Wipe a Computer that is managed

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I am attempting to wipe a MacBook Air to prepare it for a new employee. I have sent the wipe command but the computer doesn't recognize it. I don't have a password to get into the computer, but I need to wipe it.

The computer is managed through Jamf Pro, but it is not DEP.

We have a hidden Admin account on the computer as well, but it is not showing up.

Any help would be great.eb8ab66ff31541e6a112cecd703b42ef


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Looks like the computer is at the FileVault screen. It won’t receive the wipe command until it boots. You also would not see the hidden admin account at the FileVault screen unless you enabled it for FileVault.

If you just want to wipe it and you have physical access you can boot to the Recovery partition and erase it there.