Undocumented nvram boot keys and values found! Boot to Internet Recovery, Recovery Partition or HW Diagnostics from macOS!

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Over the weekend new nvram boot values and keys were found. The new values will allow you to boot your Mac to the following start up modes from macOS.

Internet Recovery
Recovery Partition
Local Apple Hardware Diagnostics
Internet Apple Hardware Diagnostics

@tperfitt who found the new keys and values created a new app that will reboot your Mac to one of these modes in two GUI clicks!

This new option is great for your Lab Mac or VM's.



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I saw the same post. I will probably add the commands to our Admin toolset of Self Service, to make rebooting to Recovery Mode easier. Some admins have issues with keyboards connected to KVMs and the Macs recognizing them in time.

Just need the clarification between the two keys to make sure it doesn't do internet recovery (got to love satellite internet)