Unexpected Error when trying to save changes to Restrictions Profile

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Hi all,

I'm receiving the following error when trying to save a change to the Restrictions Profile in Jamf Pro.

I'm removing com.apple.DocumentsApp from the App Usage section showing apps not allowed so that the Files app becomes visible on the iPads.

Note: I have put * to replace the actual url information.

Unexpected Error Http failure response for https://*.jamfcloud.com/uapi/config-profiles/ios/f15a5a62-b203-499a-b2ef-1c2f74c4ba94: 500 OK

This does not happen when saving changes to other configuration profiles (such as the layout of the home screen) etc. The rest of Jamf Pro appears to be working fine.


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Apparently upgrading to Jamf Pro 10.31+ will fix and alleviate the issue permanently.

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I'm also receiving a similar error but I'm only trying to remove one device from our current Restrictions "Scope".

As above all other parts of JAMF seem to be working fine at present.


if you were on-prem you could run the mysql command:



DELETE from config_profiles_history WHERE uuid = (SELECT external_config_profile_uuid FROM mobile_device_configuration_profiles WHERE mobile_device_configuration_profile_id = XXX);



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Thanks for the advice @ericjboyd 

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@BPS_TSO I think you’ll find this is PI-009854.

Some legacy keys were not migrated in the Jamf Pro 10.30.x upgrade for iOS Restrictions profiles.

You should be able to dupe the profile to make changes, or download then re-upload 

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I can't find PI-009854 listed in the release notes. Where did you find that at? 

Got it from opening a tkt.

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It is a pity that Jamf only pulishes selected PI's. As a result we have to open new tickets, discuss back and forth with supporters and after a while get a message that a PI for this exists already. Please Jamf, don't make us waste our time like that.


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I'm having the same problem, but I don't understand how to fix it based on your replies... (I'm just a classroom teacher managing the devices for a small school... not a IT professional any way shape or form!) Is there a fix that you all have found and could describe to me in "layman's" terms? 🙂 Thanks!

Just open a tkt and let them know which profiles you are haveing trouble with. they can fix it for you if you are hosted on JamfCloud

Thank you!

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I just remote wiped it, set it back up and it worked fine. I just had 1 device doing that.

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We are having the same issue. We are on prem running 10.30. Looking at updating to 10.32.1 later today. I see the command that @ericjboyd has posted there but I'm a little nervous about running it. I've just sent a note to support so I now have a ticket open. .

I've run it sooooo many times 🙂 no issues, did not need to restart tomcat... it's pretty safe...


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Apparently upgrading to Jamf Pro 10.31+ will fix and alleviate the issue permanently.

Yup! (assuming you aren't affected by PI's in the newer versions)