Uninstall and reinstall a Trend Micro for Mac

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I had a master image with Trend Micro applied. I now found out that the software is dependant on the OS and cannot be part of an image file. I have a mpkg file for uninstall and reinstall. Is there a way to execute these items to uninstall and reinstall?



Trend Micro was/is a pain for us too. What I found was that permissions for the mpkg aren't handled well by Casper. I was instructed to upload the mpkgs to the distribution point and then manually propagate the permissions on the CasperShare folder on said distribution point. We are in the process of getting rid of TM now and using MS Endpoint Protection as it came with our EES agreement.


Do you mean it is dependent on the OS or are you talking about it's dependency of Java (which is not installed on the base OS anymore)? Trend won't install unless Apple's version of Java is installed.

If that is the case, I would recommend setting up some Smart Groups that check to see Trend (Main UI.app) is installed and another that checks for Java (there's an Extension Attribute on the forums to check for Java version).

From there I would create some policies that will automatically install Java if it's missing and then one that will install Trend if it is missing and has Java. Depending on your environment you may want to keep it as "ongoing" but to only run once a day or week. Typically people aren't going to uninstall.

Hopefully I'm not too far off topic from what you are looking for.

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I had a similar issue a while ago, however our Trend is centrally managed via an Officescan Console, so YMMV.

I set up a policy, triggered by every15, once per computer, to do the following:

curl -s -k -o /tmp/tmsminstall.mpkg.zip https://[officescanserver]/officescan/console/html/TMSM_HTML/ActiveUpdate/ClientInstall/tmsminstall.mpkg.zip; unzip -qq /tmp/tmsminstall.mpkg.zip -d /tmp; chmod +x /tmp/tmsminstall.mpkg/Contents/Resources/integritycheck; installer -pkg /tmp/tmsminstall.mpkg -target /

And then I just apply the policy to a Smart Group that looks for "Packages Installed By Installer.app/SWU" "does not have" "com.trendmicro.icore.service.pkg"

The chmod is important, otherwise it errors out with an error about using the incorrect unzip utility.

It could be a lot neater, and I could probably even script it, but I spent some time trying to hammer it into submission that I just stuck with what worked. The only downside is that the Trend icon up top doesn't appear until next login - but the service runs in the background just fine.

Edit: I also found (at least with the version I'm currently running) that the Trend installer will automatically uninstall if it finds it, then move on to reinstalling. So you can do the whole thing with one policy

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I got this to work at my company by doing the following:

  1. Within Jamf Composer, created a DMG package of the WFBS Installer and had it installed into the /var/tmp/TrendMicro directory Made sure- Fill user templates (FUT) & Fill existing user home directories (FEU) were selected
  2. Used the below script:


IDENTIFIER="Your Company's Identifier"

rm /var/tmp/TrendMicro/Identifier.plist > /dev/null
mkdir /var/tmp/TrendMicro > /dev/null

cat > /var/tmp/TrendMicro/Identifier.plist << EOF
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "http://www.apple.com/DTDs/PropertyList-1.0.dtd">
<plist version="1.0"> <dict> <key>Identifier</key> <string>$IDENTIFIER</string> </dict>

  1. Since most of our users already had it installed, i wanted it start from scratch and also added the uninstall script below.


launchctl unload /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.trendmicro.icore.av.plist
rm /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.trendmicro.*
rm -r "/Library/Application Support/TrendMicro"
rm -r /Library/Frameworks/TMAppCommon.framework
rm -r /Library/Frameworks/TMAppCore.framework
rm -r /Library/Frameworks/TMGUIUtil.framework
rm -r /Library/Frameworks/iCoreClient.framework
rm -r /Applications/TrendMicroSecurity.app

killall -kill TmLoginMgr
killall -kill UIMgmt

  1. Created a policy called "TrendMicro Install" with the below priorities:
    -Uninstall Script will run first or "Before" to clear out any current installations/versions
    -DMG Package will drop the WFBS installer with a priority level of "9" into /var/tmp/TrendMicro directory

    • Identifier script will run "After" and drop the plist into the /var/tmp/TrendMicro directory
  2. Lastly i added a "Files and Processes" Execute Command within that same policy installer -verbose -pkg /var/tmp/TrendMicro/WFBS-SVC_Agent_installer.pkg -target /

This will install and run silently without any user input.