Uninstall Microsoft Volume License Serializer 2019 HELP

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I ran the installer and broke Office 16. Fortunately, it is just my system and I am not ready to update. Does anyone have a script or a tip to remove this? I have searched for HELP and deleted the files references in the script. Apparently the Microsoft Office setUp Assistant is also the issue.


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There might be a tool here: https://macadmins.software/tools/ that may help you

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Quit all Office applications and then remove /Library/Preferences/com.microsoft.office.licensingV2.plist (I believe that's the correct plist name. If not, it's very similar.)

You can then run the VL Serializer for Office 2016 and that should reactivate your Office 2016 applications.

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if you want to remove the license (all) use this tool


  1. Download the license removal tool.

and run this.
After this the Office is unlicensed again and you can either license via O365 or run a Volume licenser again.