Uninstalling jamf from host

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We are currently having some issues with host systems (intel running 10.5.6) that are freezing when casper runs inventory or other ongoing policies. Looking at the log we see:

Feb 17 17:00:00 mac1064 com.apple.launchd[1]
(com.jamfsoftware.task.enforceRestrictedSoftware): Throttling respawn:
Will start in 9 seconds

Before we whitelist the user we would like to try completely removing jamf from the system and then reinstall it.

Is there an official method for removing the agent? If not does anybody have any recommendations for how to do this?


Brooks Patton
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Hey Brooks, I recently ran into a similar issue and wanted to completely remove it as well. Here's the link support sent me:


Good luck!

Kerry Trampe
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I am imaging about 30 machines right now so nothing to do while the progress bar moves across. I got bored, saw this on the mailing list, and compiled a quick uninstall script. I tested it and it removed the files from the casper client and the commands were gone, I also added in some information about what you do with the client machine after removing the casper client.

I also then used quickadd.pkg to put the package back on. So here you go everyone, an uninstall script. Please use at your own risk and feedback positive or negative is good always.

Maybe I'll publish this on my website.. when I get around to doing all my casper docs I want to publish.

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