Uninstalling OpenVPN Connect Client

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The installation package for Open VPN Connect Client does not uninstall the previous version. I am looking for a way to uninstall the old version; is there a way to accomplish this other than running an rm -f command?

I tried the instructions here but the 'Uninstall' option does not show up in the drop-down. https://docs.jamf.com/10.6.0/jamf-pro/administrator-guide/Uninstalling_Packages.html
I also noticed the old version has an "Uninstall OpenVPN.app" in the same folder, but when I try to run a policy with this app, I see this error: Installation failed. The zip file contained no package..

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


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Did you manage to figure out a way to do this? I am thinking of removing it from the Applications folders and installing OpenVPN v3.0 but would ideally like to use the uninstall OpenVPN.app so that all associated files are deleted.

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Sorry for the late reply. I ended up creating a policy with script+package.
Script should as simple as this but you can add anything to stop OpenVPN if running:

# this is a simple script to remove the Old OpenVPN Client.
cd /
cd Applications
sudo rm -Rf OpenVPN

The .pkg should run after the script.

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Is there a current script for OPENVPN install? I have been searching and this is the only string I end up at. Any help is greatly appreciated.