Unknown Keys in mobileconfig for CAASPP SecureBrowser


I am just checking in to see if anyone can give me a clearer understanding of what these errors mean in a mobileconfig file.


CAASPP provides a mobileconfig to be used on MacOS to protect academic integrity when running its SecureBrowser software for assessments. When I upload the mobileconfig to JamfPro, I get a bunch of these notifications in the payload: 

"Unknown KeysJamf Pro cannot recognize one or more settings in this payload and display them in the interface. To avoid potential issues with Jamf Pro upgrades, review the key-value pairs in the profile and decide if they are correct and needed in your environment. Download the profile and store a copy of the original file in a preferred location. Edit the .mobileconfig file as required and upload the modified profile to Jamf Pro. Alternatively, if your environment does not need the unknown keys, use the interface to remove them. To keep your changes, save the profile.Note that during the configuration profiles redesign, the PayloadEnabled key is marked as unknown by default. You can safely remove it from the .mobileconfig file because it is not required in a profile definition."


The mobileconfig has 9 plists it uploads that modify environmental settings. Will this just straight up not work if I deploy it from Jamf, will it work but have issues, or is the error I'm seeing purely in JamfPro and "may cause problems with future upgrades" but work fine now? This isn't a permanent state of affairs, and there are now no guidelines beyond using the profile as it exists or upgrading our lab machines to Monterey and hoping that Assessment Mode works.


Any help/feedback would be appreciated! I can't see a way to attach files to this thread, so here is a link to the profile itself: