Unmanaged Macs to Static Group

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Im not sure if this was discussed already.
we are using Jamf Pro Version 10.7.0
We have a requirement to add certain computers to static groups , even before the computer is enrolled via DEP.

I could create a computer entry by Create Computer API (JSSResource/computers/id/0).
By default , the computer gets created in JAMF as "unmanaged".
When i try to add the computer to required static group by (JSSResource/computergroups/id/<groupId>) , I get error response from API.

Im not able to manually add the entry using "Jamf Pro" UI interface as well, since the "unmanaged" computers are not being listed under assignments.
Any pointers on the same.


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Would an advanced search for unmanaged devices suffice?

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Unmanaged devices can not be added to groups because they can not be managed.

If you are looking to take action on devices once they become managed, create smart groups for devices that meet a certain criteria and add those groups to the scope of your policies, profiles or apps.

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Add to a group before enrollment? You can do that with a Smart Computer Group using the criteria: Serial Number. Of course you have to know the serial numbers and then manually add each of them to the smart group, but it will work.

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Thanks for the pointers. I had tried with smart group earlier and it worked. Static group is that not working.