Unmanaging warehoused computers

New Contributor II

I have about 20 iMacs that that were physically taken offline and put into temp storage. Covid happened, computers are going to stay in storage longer. The area where they are stored is inaccessible for a couple months.

I would like to move these to unmanaged because we have some laptops coming in and license count is ticking up.

How do I do this on a computer that cannot be powered on or connected right now?


New Contributor II

I think it only has to be marked as "unmanaged" via the API or web console. Computer / Inventory / General. Click the "Edit" button on the top right. Uncheck "Allow Jamf Pro to perform management tasks." If you do it through the API, set "managed" to false.

Here is an XML snip that I use: "<computer><general><remote_management><managed>false</managed></remote_management></general></computer>";