Update DEPNotify to 1.1.7

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Hi all,

we use DEPNotify 1.1.6 for our rollouts - currently 1.1.7 is available. Unfortunately, this was all set up by a former colleague. Can someone show me how to update the DEPNotify? best with screenshots please 🙂

Thanks in advance!


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@mickl089 DEPNotify 1.1.7 is still a beta and not something I would recommend rolling out to your production environment. 
If you want to play around and test with the beta software you can find the beta available in the MacAdmins Slack within the #depnotify channel. You can join the Slack Community by signing up here: https://www.macadmins.org 

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Minor fix to chmod and chown commands being embedded in the Registration and EULA options. Moved some things around so the proper file permissions were there if not using the Registration or EULA options.


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