Update Jamf Connect via Jamf Pro or not?

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New to Jamf Connect, what are the best practices to deploy Jamf Connect Updates?

Should we do it automatically with Jamf Pro? And do you also let the minor updates install automatically?


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Best Practices, To each its own.

For Pre-stage / initial deployment I deploy the package for zero touch provisioning to really lay it down / guarantee it's on the machine AT enrollment.

However, I also utilize the Settings -> Jamf Applications -> Jamf Connect Payload to configure the Minor & Maintenance auto-updates for everyone in scope of the Configuration Profile.


This has only bitten me in the butt once & was a relatively easy fix. (During the 2.9.0 release, Jamf Connect had a bug where it populated prematurely during ADE at the Apple Setup Utility Window) but besides that, I think auto-configuring updates as long as you're on top of management is a great way to go.

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