Updating local admin account password

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Hi all,

I need to update our local admin account password. I have heard of weird things occasionally happening where it will update for the OS, but not for FileVault. Has anyone else experienced this and have you found a solution or workaround? 


I have used this command on some test machines:

jamf changePassword -username btr-itadmin -password 'NEW PASSWORD' -oldPassword 'OLD PASSWORD'

I haven't run into any issues, but I just want to see what everyone else has done for a situation like this.





I've only seen this issue with Macs that are bound to an AD domain. This is the exact reason we started using Jamf Connect and stopped binding Macs to the domain.

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We used to have this issue before switching to jamf connect. I'm not sure if this workflow still works on the new OS's but you can try it out. 

Run sudo fdesetup list

Run sudo diskutil apfs changePassphrase disk1s1 -user UUID

replace UUID with the UUID from the previous command

Enter old password


Enter new password


Enter new password


Run diskutil apfs updatePreboot /

Restart the machine

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Here is what we use:

a. Still binding to AD ( moving to Jamf Connect in a month)

b. Can confirm Filevault PW is updated


#Rotate admin password
sudo /usr/bin/dscl . -passwd /Users/admin $OLDPASSWD $NEWPASSWD
sudo rm -Rf /Users/admin/Library/Keychains/ 


c. may or may not need sudo depending on you setup

d. you may be able to use with your current commands

e. test before putting into PROD