Updating User's "Full Name from Roster" from API for Apple Classroom?

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Has anyone had any luck bulk updating this? When I try to update this from a script with a CSV, the updates don't stick:


It looks like there's two items "roster_source_system_identifier" and "roster_unique_identifier" that get generated when you update the records manually in the JSS GUI, but not when you do it through the API.


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I realize this post is a lot of months old, but I ran into the same thing today and found a solution. If you do a GET on a user and find the "roster" related keys haven't been generated yet, submit blank values and the JSS will create them for you. You can then use a PUT to update any individual roster keys needed. XML should look like...



I think my issue relates to this post.

We have 1:1 and shared iPads and have been using Apple School Manager with the Classroom app for the 1:1 iPads. Recently I created some extra students named Class iPad 01, etc. This allowed me to assign the shared iPads to the shared new user accounts. These shared iPads are not setup as "Shared iPad" with student logins, just normal setup which are being shared in a classroom.

I've gone into ASM and updated the CSVs with updated names for these iPads. The problem is that the names aren't being reflected in Classroom. The class in Jamf shows the new updated names, but when I go into Users, the users actually show the old name under Genera, Full Name but then in the Roster section, the Full Name from Roster is the new updated name. I've force synced multiple times but still not helping. Any thoughts?56e2b99970934260a9fc228eb6ae89a6

Screenshot is our ASM settings.