Upgrade to El Capitan through policy marked completed but OS still remains the same

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I have policy deployable though Self Service to upgrade to El Cap. However, based on logs ran against a user's machine, I am strangely discovering that even thought the policy is marked completed, the upgrade never happens. Please see the logs below. I am not quite what to make out of it...or how the installation never happened as the system still shows the old OS (Yosemite in this case). Any help would be awesome!509c88a2cdde47669a529d4fb345875e


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Two things I can think of. First, I see a script after the OS Upgrade policy runs. I've had some issues with that - like the OS is the only thing that should happen there. I ended up breaking my policy in two, first I run my pre-scripts and cache the installer. Then run 'jamf policy -event elCap2' and run the cached installer. Also, make sure you have Restart Options set to restart to OS X Installer.