Upgrading JSS/JDS to 9.64

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Hey JAMF People,

So here is what I have going on...I have my JSS and 9 JDS's on RHEL, I upgraded the JSS to 9.64 (I was on 9.63 before) and now I would like to upgrade the JDS's as well, but when I launch the .run file I get the message that files on the root JDS instance may be deleted....so I stopped there. Does anyone know if all the packages I have replicated throughout all of my JDS instances will get deleted if I upgrade them to 9.64 by running the .run file on them? Or, since I am now running the JSS on 9.64 will it automatically update the binary on the attached JDS's when they check in for policy/inventory? Essentially, am I going about upgrading the JDS's wrong or how would be the recommended way of getting everything to the latest version?


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I was also in doubt by seeing that warning, i made a backup of my settings and ran the update.
It didn't destroy any of my data at all, but it's hard to be sure what it does if you run a binary blob.
Did anyone try to extract the update binary?

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@icejoran Thanks for the reply, do you have more than one JDS? If so, did you run the update on the master first and then the others? Just also not sure if I run the update on a non-master JDS first, since it's re-enrolling during the update, will it then change that first one I run the update on to the master.

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I also ran this update yesterday, backed up before I did as a precaution and didn't run into any issues afterwards.