Uploading mac OS using Casper Admin

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I am trying to upload the mac OS dmg version 10.12.4 to my cloud hosted JSS using Casper Admin and it fails every time. The upload seems to be working, but it fails at the very end of the upload process. Is there a size constraint on a cloud hosted JSS?


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Hello @jsallen77

I was experiencing the same issue with uploading files to JSS Cloud using Casper Admin. (We are also on hosted JSS).
After submitting a support ticket i received this response:

Unfortunately there isn't a hard or fast guide on size - it tends to be a combination of file size and network capability that defines that. However, the average seems to be around 1G as the limit for most places with a decent network connection.

You can set up the local distribution point to be accessed off network if you set it up with a HTTP/HTTPS share.

We have a very good article about setting that up and you can read that here:

Also received this response shortly after we finished our JumpStart.

My Question: 1. Syncing between our NAS and Jamf Cloud. At the moment the Primary Repository is our NAS. During the Jump Start we discovered uploading packages to the Cloud would error out, so we switched the Primary repository.

Answer: This has been an ongoing issue with Jamf’s cloud storage that Jamf is addressing.

Hope these answers help you.