Uploading VPP App Codes

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I need help with uploading VPP App codes from apps purchased in 2013. I can download the codes from Apple's VPP, but they will not upload to JSS. I have saved it as a .xls doc. Is there a certain template I should be using?


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You could convert those unused VPP App codes to managed distribution apps. Have a chat with your Apple rep.

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@mvu: There aren't that many apps so I would just prefer to download codes and upload apps asap as opposed to waiting to hear from my apple rep. I was able to upload codes a few months ago, but now I cannot and I can't remember if I used a certain template or if it was just a the codes in an .xls doc.

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I found that I had to add the app and then upload the codes under the VPP tab.
I was using the old XLS file format.