Urgent Help Needed: Jamf Pro Compliance Editor API Integration

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I hope this message reaches someone who has experience with Jamf Pro API and Compliance Editor. I find myself in a bit of a predicament and would sincerely appreciate any assistance or guidance.

I'm currently working on uploading guidance from Compliance Editor to Jamf Pro, and I've reached a point where the system is asking for a client ID and secret. Admittedly, I haven't delved into the Jamf API before, and I'm feeling a bit lost.

If any seasoned Jamf Pro users have successfully navigated this process, could you please share your insights? I understand the need to create an API role, but the specific steps and considerations are a bit unclear to me. If you've faced similar challenges or have successfully integrated Compliance Editor with Jamf Pro, I'm eager to hear about your journey and any lessons learned.


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simply uncheck the api and use your normal creds and that will skip the API method

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The bottom of page 24 in the Jamf Compliance Editor user guide explains which settings the API Role needs to have for JCE to work. You can then read about how to create the API Role and the necessary API Client to use that role in the Jamf Pro admin guide here.

Create the Role.

Then create the API Client.

Then generate the client secret.